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Prepare Your Staff For Weather Emergencies | SERVPRO of Hattiesburg

6/16/2023 (Permalink)

Business man holding an umbrella and briefcase with a dark thunderstorm behind him. Storm damage can bring your business to a halt. Call SERVPRO of Hattiesburg to get your business back in action.

It’s your job as a business owner to ensure that your staff are ready to respond to a variety of scenarios. If they are properly trained, they can react appropriately and quickly to keep themselves and your customers safe in an emergency.

Extreme weather is a type of situation that can appear quickly and cause destruction in a short amount of time, so having your staff ready is vital! Use our tips below to ensure that your staff is prepared to weather any storm safely and efficiently.

Understanding the Risk

Understanding the weather threats for our area is a great first step toward being prepared. We see a wide variety of severe weather in south central Mississippi. Winds over 70 miles per hour, hail and tornadoes are all common occurrences when the spring and summer storms roll through. Because of that, having a safe shelter location for your business is crucial.

You should also take the time to understand your flood risk for your specific business. Flood zones are different across the region and can affect one business while leaving another one completely dry. Stay current on weather forecasts and make plans early!

Your Communication Strategy

Communicating with one another has never been easier! Be sure you have the contact information for everyone on your staff, and stay connected as weather alerts or forecasts come together.

When a potential weather situation arises, a quick text or mass email can help spread information about safe shelter locations, emergency exits or where your emergency supplies are located.

Planning Your Evacuation Routes

You never know what a specific weather situation will entail. If you decide that a safe and efficient evacuation is needed, everyone on your team should be able to exit smoothly. Take the time to show your employees all of the evacuation routes and emergency exits, and label them clearly so they are easy to see in a hurry.

On the other spectrum, staying put might be your best bet to ensure your staff’s safety. In this case, communicating where your safe shelter location is ahead of time and prepping this space with food, water and emergency supplies is a great preemptive measure.

In order to keep everyone calm during this process, they need to be confident! Practice your evacuation routes or sheltering in place a few times each year and your team will be ready for anything.

Don’t let extreme weather take control! If storms strike your business, SERVPRO can help you restore your losses.

Controlling Fire Risk Around Your Property | SERVPRO of Hattiesburg

6/16/2023 (Permalink)

Badly damage wall with broken glass windows covered in soot and surrounded by debris Experience a fire in your home? Call SERVPRO of Hattiesburg to help you recover.

Summer has arrived, and we are certainly excited about another beautiful season under the summer sun! While you are mapping out your family fun and planning to make some memories this year, it is also important for you to understand the importance of reducing your risk of a house or property fire. 

Summer activities often carry a moderate level of fire risk, so taking the steps to be responsible around flame can help protect your home. Read on as we explain some key areas to pay attention to this season. 

Be Mindful of Your Grill

Are you the self-proclaimed grill master? If so, you have a unique responsibility of ensuring your equipment is ready to use before firing anything up. 

Be sure that you are checking your gas lines and propane tanks for cracks or dents before lighting your grill, and if you smell something like rotten eggs, do not turn anything on. That smell is a classic sign of a propane leak and needs to be investigated right away. 

If you have a charcoal grill, keep your bag of briquettes far away from your grill to avoid a wandering spark from starting the whole bag on fire. Light it carefully and be sure to collect any ash that falls out of the bottom. 

When you are done grilling, your job is not over! Ensure that your grill is either off or the flames are gone and the charcoal is cold. A fire can easily start back up with smoldering charcoal and the right breeze. 

Your Bonfire Pit 

We can smell the s’mores already! If you like to have bonfires in your backyard, make sure you are choosing an area that is far away from any structures like your house, shed or wood pile. Understand the local burn laws and if the conditions are right for a fire. If it is particularly windy or has been dry for a while, consider waiting until a different day. 

Portable fire pits are also becoming a more common way to enjoy a fire. If you own one of these, don’t ever light yours in a garage, under an overhang, or on flammable or uneven ground. 

Choose a concrete or solid surface, and always stay close by while the flames are going. No matter how you enjoy your bonfire, you need to float your logs and embers when you are done. This ensures that your fire is completely out and won’t start back up once you have gone inside. 

The Benefits of Defensible Spaces 

Taking care of your property is something that you should be doing during every season, but especially during the spring and summer when wildfires are more common. Consider landscaping using defensible space strategies, which means creating a buffer between your property and a potential incoming wildfire.

This can include removing dead or dry yard debris from your property regularly, planting your trees and shrubs in a strategic way, and keeping your gutters and spaces around your home clean and tidy. If you practice proper fire safety as often as you can, your risk of experiencing a devastating house or property fire greatly decreases. 

Are you in the process of recovering after a fire? Contact SERVPRO of Hattiesburg for a full recovery.

How to Reduce Your Risk of Fire Damage | SERVPRO® of Hattiesburg

5/19/2023 (Permalink)

 img src =”fire” alt = " a person plugging a cord into a surge protector” > Reduce your home's risk for fire by following these steps. If disaster strikes, SERVPRO of Hattiesburg is here to help you recover.

The unfortunate thing about house fires is that they can happen to anyone at any time. Even if you do your best to prepare and prevent one, accidents and the unexpected can occur and can leave you with a large mess and a lot of questions.

Thankfully, there are some things you can do to reduce your risk of experiencing a house fire. Most of the steps we have laid out below just require a little extra forethought and planning during your everyday activities, but can pay off in a big way if your home stays fire-free and your family stays safe.

Be Cautious With Your Electronics

Your electronics have the ability to malfunction at any point. Don’t give them the tools they need to spark a fire! Unplug things like your toaster, computers and gaming systems when they are not in use.

Even if they are turned off, there is still electricity coursing through them. That heat can build up, overheat your electronics and start a fire.

You should also consider getting a surge protector. If you have a part of your home that has a lot of electrical outlets in use, you should ensure that if there is any sort of energy surge for any reason, your electronics will be safe. It only takes a small amount of voltage to damage an electronic enough to malfunction, overheat or just catch on fire.

Stay Present Around Any Flame

All it takes is a responsible adult looking away for one moment for a fire to catch and spread. This can happen anywhere there is open flame or heat occurring. You should always be present in the kitchen while you are cooking.

Grease fires can erupt without much warning, or a flammable kitchen utensil or towel can easily get bumped into the flame, causing widespread damage in mere minutes. You should also never leave a candle unattended and certainly never leave one burning while you are asleep.

This also includes being present around any bonfires or while you are grilling your next dinner. Your bonfire should be completely out and cold before you head in for the night, and be sure your grill has cooled down and the coals are extinguished as well.

Keep a Clean Home

Having a tidy home can actually help you avoid a house fire, so you really should keep up with those routine cleanings and organizational tasks. Excess clutter is only fuel to a growing house fire, and it can actually make it harder and more dangerous to get out of your home in an emergency situation if you are tripping over things or can’t get out of your home because an exit is blocked.

Lastly, keep your lint trap clean and clear of lint buildup and swap out your furnace filter with the change in season. These easy tasks can be overlooked, but play a major role in preventing house fires all across the country.

If you experience fire damage, call us at SERVPRO of Hattiesburg right away for a fast recovery.

Prepare for Rain Damage

5/26/2022 (Permalink)

It has been a rainy week here in Hattiesburg, MS! Our team has been busy responding to calls due to roof leaks, groundwater intrusions, and an unfortunate part of excessive rain, sewage backups. 

Water Damage is Serious.

It's important to identify any potential openings for water intrusion before it happens. Although, identifying potential causes can be difficult until a damage actually occurs, there are some ways that you can be proactive that can have a serious impact on preventing damages.

  1. Roof Inspection: having your roof inspected (especially if it is an older roof and has weathered many storms!) is an important item in your toolkit for preventing water damage. Our area is not a stranger to bad weather including tornadoes, tropical storms, or hurricanes. Even if you may not experience water damage, regular roof maintenance can be especially helpful in reducing risk for future damage.
  2. Identify potential causes for other water intrusion. Water can enter the home in a variety of ways whether that be due sealant failure around doors and windows, sump-pump failure, or drainage issues related to landscaping. If you notice any of these issues following decent raining, it is important to get these issues repaired before another storm. And, especially so as we enter hurricane season!

We're Here to Help.

SERVPRO of Hattiesburg can help you identify and repair these issues if you experience damage. We have the knowledge and resources to complete all of the necessary interior and exterior repairs - as well as drying if necessary - to make your water damage "Like it never even happened." If you suffer water damage, call the experts at SERVPRO of Hattiesburg. We're available 24/7/365: 601-544-0512.

Storm Damage

5/26/2022 (Permalink)

It's safe to say that most understand that hurricanes, tropical storms, tropical depressions, and tornadoes are dangerous weather events common in our area. However, unless you live near the Gulf Coast and have experienced these weather events, you may not realize that serious storms like hurricanes and tropical storms are often accompanied by tornadoes. Unfortunately, it is not only the wind damage from the hurricane or tropical storm that requires a safety plan, but also the very real threat of tornadoes. is a wonderful resource for identifying ways that you can prepare for a tornado, stay safe during a tornado, and stay safe after a tornado.

Like all serious storms, in preparing for a tornado, it is important to know your area's risk, to know the signs of a tornado, and to heed local warnings. Unfortunately, our risk is very high like most of the Southeast. This is why making a plan for your family and pet(s) before the damage is so important. Having a physical shelter whether that be a dedicated storm shelter ideally or a small, windowless room within the interior of the home on the lowest level and preparing for the potential for long term sheltering in place can have life-saving consequences.

After the Storm

Safety is still a priority after the storm. Damaged electrical or structural support is a very real threat if you experienced damage. We suggest that you look to for a list of ways you can stay safe following a tornado. Once all is clear, contact your locally owned restoration contractor SERVPRO of Hattiesburg: 601-544-0512. As members of your community, we are always Here to Help.

Commercial Restoration

4/11/2022 (Permalink)

Here to Help!

One of our clients recently called us regarding a flooded auditorium. Knowing the size of the auditorium, we knew that specialty drying techniques would be required in order to restore the affected area to preloss condition. 

A determining factor in the choosing the amount and type of dehumidification required for a space is the volume of the space. While the tenting certainly looks impressive, the damage was not actually large enough to necessitate a desiccant dehumidifier, but due to the high ceilings, it did require that the volume of the space be reduced so that the equipment could run more efficiently, increasing the rate of evaporation and through dehumidification removing the moisture from the air. Tenting is not always feasible due to a variety of factors, but it is certainly effective in specialty drying situations such as that of an auditorium. 

Specialty Drying Needed?

If you have a case that is beyond the typical approach, call SERVPRO of Hattiesburg. We recognize that not all mitigation projects are the same, and our team of experts is trained to assess your facility's individual needs. We're available 24/7/365. Call 601-544-0512 or submit a customer inquiry through our website here.

Kitchen Fire Damage

4/11/2022 (Permalink)

Even small house fires can cause damage. From grease to odor, many people may not realize that even small fires can cause soot stains on their walls and leave difficult to remove greasy residue on the walls, floor, and ceiling.

So, what should you do if you have a fire damage? Getting help as soon as possible is the best way to help reduce overall costs and additional repairs. SERVPRO of Hattiesburg and our team of trained professionals will respond to your home or business as soon as we receive your call. 

No Job is Too Big or Too Small

Many don't realize that even smaller fires make need professional help remediating. Even if the home does not require reconstruction such as painting, flooring replacement, or other repairs, cleaning and deodorization may be required to remove soot stains, grease stains, and/or odor. Even small cooking fires can leave greasy soot on your walls, leave lingering malodor, and ashes can fall on your carpet, rugs, and upholstered furniture.

Call SERVPRO of Hattiesburg

Our team of professionals are experts in remediating fire and smoke damaged property and contents. We have been trained and certified to help restore after fire and smoke damage to the structure and contents through the IICRC. The IICRC is the standard in the restoration industry. Choosing a company that is both firm certified with technicians who are individually certified ensures you are working with professionals who truly know what they’re doing. Even after small damages our team can help by using cleaning agents designed to break down acidic soot residue and grease, utilize odor-reducing equipment, such as hydroxyl generators and thermal foggers, and professionally clean your carpet, rugs, and upholstery to reduce malodors and remove soot.

Here at SERVPRO of Hattiesburg, we have access to advanced technology designed to remediate the damages inside of your home. Using state of the art equipment and techniques, you can trust our team to help get your life back to normal after a fire.

Choosing a Restoration Vendor to Handle Your Personal Property

3/28/2022 (Permalink)

During the move out process, our team will pack your items with care before they are moved into an offsite facility for cleaning and storage.

House fires or large water leaks can be devastating. There's quite a bit more that goes into restoring the property back to preloss condition, or making it "Like it never even happened," than simply choosing a contractor.

Choosing a Restoration Vendor

Sometimes, some or all of the personal property must be packed and moved out of the home for storage and cleaning in order to perform the demo, cleaning, and rebuild of structure. By choosing SERVPRO of Hattiesburg, you can rest assured that your personal property will be treated with the utmost care while it is in our hands. We have a wide variety of certifications from the IICRC that will ensure your personal property is cared for and restored using state of the art equipment, tools, and methods. While the repairs are being completed, our team will complete your content restoration so that your items are ready to be delivered once the repairs are complete. If the contents restoration is completed before the repairs are complete, we will store the personal property at our facility until you are ready to be moved back.

If you experience an unexpected disaster, we are here to help. Contact our office via phone (601)544-0512 or submit an inquiry through our website.

Tornado Damage... What Now?

3/28/2022 (Permalink)

Preparing Before the Storm

Choosing a restoration vendor to mitigate and rebuild after storm damage can be one of the most important decisions that you make when it comes to the recovery of your property. 

We often receive questions about how to prepare for tropical storms, hurricanes, and tornadoes in order to make the restoration process as seamless and easy as possible. 

While each facility is different, and each storm for that matter, there are two tips that apply in all circumstances.


  1. Choose your restoration vendor ahead of time.
    • Resources are always limited after a hurricane, tornado, or major disaster. By choosing your vendor ahead of time, you give your vendor the opportunity to allocate resources for your building(s) in the event of a damage. 
  2. Allow your vendor to discuss the restoration process with key decision makers.
    • Educating your staff or other decision makers beforehand will provide them with confidence and knowledge, and setup realistic expectations of the standards and practices of the insurance restoration process following a large loss. A hurricane is unlikely to happen every year, and with staff changes, it would be a good practice to invite your vendor to briefly present once a year in order to keep the current board educated and to go over any changes that may come up.

CHOOSE SERVPRO of Hattiesburg

As leaders in the storm and water damage industry, we have advanced training and expertise as well as a tremendous amount of hands-on experience. We are a local company with national resources, and have access to the resources and personnel of 1,700 franchise partners to handle major storms and catastrophic disasters. If your building or facility has storm damage, choose SERVPRO of Hattiesburg: (601)544-0512.

Common Causes of Fire Damage

2/18/2022 (Permalink)

Home electrical fires account for 51,000 fires each year, and an estimated $1.3 billion in property damage. Learn these common causes of fire damage to prevent fire damage in your home or business:

Many electrical fires are caused by faulty electrical outlets or outdated appliances. Frayed appliance cords can also lead to electrical fires.  Under no circumstances should you ever remove the ground plug from an appliance cord. These appliance cords are only to be used with outlets that can handle the extra amount of electricity.

Another cause of electrical fires is the misuse of extension cords. Extension cords are only to be used on a temporary basis and not as permanent wiring. Extension cords can overheat and cause fires when not used properly. Never should you run extension cords through walls and ceilings, and never use nails or staples to hold an extension cord in place.

Space heaters are also a major cause of electrical fires. Space heaters should always be kept on a flat, level surface to prevent being turned over. These portable heaters are often placed too close to curtains, beds, and other combustible surfaces. Remember to always keep space heaters at least three feet from items that can burn.