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3 Ways to Avoid Water Damage When It Rains | SERVPRO of Hattiesburg

11/21/2023 (Permalink)

Damage ceiling from water pipelines leakage When unexpected water damage creeps into your home, SERVPRO of Hattiesburg is here for the rescue. Call us today!

A good soaking rain can be really beneficial for our area from time to time. A little rain can give gardens a boost, give your lawn a drink and can even function as a free car wash! 

While you might appreciate when it rains, though, you certainly don’t want that rain to be leaking into your home. 

Preparing ahead of any severe weather or heavy rainstorms can help you avoid damage or minimize a potential water damage situation. Doing these three things before it starts to rain can keep your home safe and dry: 

Address Your Gutters
The wind and previous storms can easily toss about yard debris and leaves around your property. While the majority of debris will end up on your lawn, there is always the chance that it lands in your gutters and forms a backup. 

A clog in your gutter system or in your downspouts can force water to back up onto your roof, or it can pour over the sides of your home and collect by your foundation, which can lead to a seriously flooded basement

One simple way to avoid this is to clean out your gutters regularly! This is ideally done after every large storm, but it should at least be done once a season to ensure your gutters are free and clear to work how they should. Just be sure to do this task with a buddy or a family member nearby if you have to get up on the ladder. 

Tackle Roof Damage

Our roofs protect us from many different kinds of threats and the force of Mother Nature, so it should be no surprise that they are one of the most common areas to experience damage when the weather turns south. Even just a minor gap along your roof line or a missing shingle on the back of your house can invite water into your attic that can leak down your walls. 

Get on your roof and check it thoroughly after each storm passes to look for signs of damage. Fixing any minor issues on your own or calling a professional company out to do it for you can ensure your roof is once again sealed up tight and ready to keep you dry.

Check Your Equipment

If you have a sump pump in your home, you will want to check it every so often to ensure it is in good working condition. The time when you find out that it is malfunctioning should not be when your basement is being flooded with water and your sump pump is not working the way it should. Have it serviced regularly, and address issues with it right away. 

We know that Mother Nature is unpredictable and can cause all kinds of watery chaos in your home, which is why we are here 24/7 to respond to your call for help. We will expertly dry out your home and address any necessary repairs to help you recover faster and more efficiently. 

Our team is here to ensure your home is dried out and repaired quickly. Contact SERVPRO of Hattiesburg right away. 

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